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About us

QED Consultants, Inc was established in 2000 to provide highly focused and customized solutions to clients in almost any industry. The goal of QED Consultants is to be a single source for the analysis, design, development, implementation and support of customized software based solutions using the latest technologies and methodologies.

Our company focuses on implementing affordable department or company-wide solutions that typically have a payback period of 18 months or less based on quantifiable increases in profitability, productivity, efficiency and more effective resource management. We use Lean Methodologies throughout the analysis and design stages to maximise the effectiveness of the proposed solution which provides long term benefits for the customer.

We service all industries as we feel everyone can benefit from the efficiencies of a well designed bespoke system, and implement the industry specific knowledge that we gather during the requirements gathering stage of the process. Project sizes range from a few days to a few months, depending on the scope, but nothing is too big or too small for QED Consultants, Inc.

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Our Values

MISSION: To design and implement highly efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions for our clients by analysing their actual needs and developing a custom solution using lean methodologies and current technologies.

VISION: To provide an all-inclusive service to small-mid size businesses that can show demonstatable value in less than 18 months. Consistent and steady organic growth through referrals from existing satisfied customers and marketing to forward thinking decision makers.


Systems Analysis

Systems Analysis

Analyse and Document the Requirements, Processes and Needs of the Client


Systems Design

Architect, Design and Document a Proposed Process and Solution

Software Development

Software Development

Develop, Implement and Support Software Solutions using the latest .NET Framework

Database design

Database Design

Architect, Design, Implement, Maintain and Support SQL Server Databases

App Development

App Development

Develop Mobile Apps for Android, iOS and Responsive HTML5/CSS Sites for Platform Independence

Website integration

Website Integration

Integrate New or Existing Websites into Backend Systems and Operations or 3rd parties

Sample Projects

What we have created

Entity Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

Designed and built a customized ERP for a client that couldn't find an off-the-shelf or SaaS solution to adequately and cost effectively satsify their needs.

QED Consultants developed a customized C# .NET application using SQL Server that was exactly tailored to the clients' specific requirements in a manufacturing company. The solution was highly focused to address their specific process flows after a QED administered lean six sigma project. Detailed visual analytics were developed in multiple dashboards that were role specific and displayed throughout the manufacturing facility as well as for management. The implemented solution provided a substantial increase in efficiency, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction (and retention) as well as a decrease in waste and rework throughout the process.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Solution

QED initially analyzed the current methods of the client's marketing and customer engagement strategy and results. QED then designed a highly customized and focused CRM solution as well as various metrics to quantify the results.

The aim of the project was to find ways to manage the sales funnel that was inefficient and ineffective at the time and lacked results and metrics. QED Consultants implemented several new marketing techniques, such as an inbound marketing startegy and gorilla marketing, to augment into their existing marketing strategy which was also refined. After the strategy was totally revamped, QED consultants designed and built the tools needed to manage the ever changing digital content, social media engagement as well as the entire process throughout the funnel stages from prospect to customer. In addition, QED designed App and Windows based portals to provide appropriate capabilities for a diverse and remote workforce. Finally, as an add-on project QED integrated a 3rd party Business Intelligence (BI) engine to provide advanced visual analytics and metrics so management could assess the marketing and conversion process and was better able to allocate resources appropriately.

Stock Management and Order Entry Solution

Designed and developed a new normalized relational database importing all existing historic order and invoice data from an out dated legacy system. Designed a new order management solution using both office entry as well as supporting online orders through a newly designed website and a mobile app using HTML5. Provided management portal with various tools, reports and analytics to monitor and manage the process including vendor logistics. Developed a customer portal to review the order and shipping status as well as provide feedback/alerts where needed.

This system required a variety of 3rd party integrations including the customer's bookkeeping solution, vendors systems to manage logistics and forecasting as well as shipping providers all using a variety of APIs. While it was a smaller project, the impact for the company was massive and lead to substantial revenue increases and cost decreases.

What some of our clients say

"Successfully worked with QED for over 9 years. They designed and built our entire CRM and inventory management system integrating both with our website and supporting 5 languages. The entire team is very patient, professional and responsive to our international team. I appreciate that they meet all milestone deadlines and commitments without any surprises or change orders. Great company and I highly recommend!"

Greg Meredith, Ecomec UK Ltd.

"Unmatched in everyway, I've worked with Jeff for almost 20 years. The companies professionalism and honor is old school, when people gave their word and delivered the quality expected. That's what QED Consultants has done for me going on 2 decades. I would gladly recommend anyone that needs his services to talk with him you'll be happy you did."

Charles Gutierrez, President, Best Driver Resources, Inc.

"I have been working with Jeff at QED Consultants for nearly 10 years. Initially he designed and implemented an inventory and order management system. But over the years, we added EDI capabilities, order picking interface and the integration of scanning technology. Jeff's operational background enables him to identify potential challenges and plan ideal solutions. He is collaborative, accommodating and extremely trustworthy. As a company, I estimate that we have saved upwards of 150,000 manhours over the years and were able to adapt to client requirements with system upgrades and additions. I have recommended QED Consultants to many of my business associates, both clients and vendors."

Orit Olshansky, Infinity Apparel Group

"I had a fantastic experience with QED. The system works great and has allowed us to grow in both size and profitability."

Rebecca Franks, CEO, Perfectly Frank Inc.


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